Raesha Productions is founded in May 2019 and is led by Ramsha Essa. It is a privately held company, producing content in the form of books and web series that empower audience to perceive stories with diverse range of perspective and character lens. The first venture titled “Rebel Against the Odds” comes out on June 10th 2019 with powerful unconventional characters and relevant story which would make you think.

Ramsha Essa

Hello everyone, Storytelling is my passion which allows me to create something unique which people can resonate with. As someone from creative field, I attempt to capture different elements of life which I can and cannot relate with but they exist. I believe in challenging myself every day by bringing out stories that are unique to one another. At times, I do get frustrated when I can’t put the right words in the paper, direct a piece according to my vision, or act out a scene properly but the joy and peace which I get from it overpowers all the struggles. Many creative storytellers seek for perfection but I think the word itself is overrated. Do not try to attain something that serve as a block to your creative liberty. It is highly important to put your work out there because it is the only way to improve and grow.

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