Cinema brings Responsibility

 I am back with another topic which I am very passionate about and would love to know what does everyone here think about it. 

Before we begin, I would like to ask how much does cinema affect you? Instead, to what extent does it make a difference in your life? I know the answers I will get will vary according to each person. I do understand it is different for all of us, and it depends on the situation as well. For some, it is a way to entertain themselves. For others, what they see could directly affect the way they start seeing things in life. There is nothing wrong with that as some people are sensitive to things they observe and establish an emotional connection to what is in front of them. Every person who see and hears the story take away something or the other from it, which stays with that person in the long run. However, some people try to incorporate what a character does to their own life.

According to me, the compelling stories we write have the potential to reach the masses, but they also can influence people and their actions. As a cinematic lover and avid reader myself, I aspire to write a diverse range of stories with multitude point of views. Whether it is right or wrong, everybody in this universe has his or her thought process behind doing something. Inside of his or her head, there is no such thing as right or wrong as every person ends up justifying the decisions he or she makes.

We live in a word where there are morally justified and unjustified actions. Even though I believe in the freedom of art, but it is equally important not to justify something wrong. Because many times the audience takes cues from the stories and end up incorporating those inhibitions to their own life, which can be destructive. I know many writers, and content creators might pose the argument that it is not their responsibility for what the audience takes away from the story. However, I think that the stories we make reach out to masses, so it is indeed our job to make sure that we are not sending in any wrong message. I do think it is necessary to write flawed characters and show reality through our stories. I also believe a wrong action of the main character does not need to be justified just because he or she is the PROTAGONIST.

We live in a world where some times good human beings make wrong decisions and indulge in wrong actions. So this idea of justifying a wrong action of a character because he or she is the protagonist is flawed. There is a clear difference between presenting a real story in which characters made terrible decisions and justifying those wrong decisions. What is depicted in the stories is often mimicked by people in real life.

Let me know what you think about this post. I would love to engage with all of you on these pointers. Till then, goodbye and see you again.

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